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Benefits of ProExtender System:

Enlarges penis size

The device is a penis extender which naturally enlarges penis size with the help of traction force which induces cell multiplication.

Straightens bent penis

It has been clinically proven & medically approved. It found to be an effective device for correction of penile curvature in Peyronies condition.

ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

ProExtender Facts

Guaranteed Results

It is a medically approved, clinically proven device recommended by doctors, urologists, and Andrologists. The working and results is based on scientifically proven cell multiplication technique.

Zero Side Effects

ProExtender Ultimate™ System is approved medically by the FDA qualifying under Class 1 medical device for penis enlargement and correction of the penis curvature (Peyronie’s Disease) or Peyronies condition, hence it has zero or no side-effects when used as directed in the user manual.

Recommended By Doctors & Urologists

ProExtender Ultimate™ Device System is recommended & prescribed by top doctors and urologists around the world and sold and exported by us in India and more than 132 countries all over the world.

Features of ProExtender Penis Extender System:

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Device

ProExtender  penis enlargement device is approved medically & by the FDA, recommended by doctors and urologists for male enhancement & treatment of Peyronies condition. ProExtender is an effective, safe, non-surgical method of penis enlargement in the comfort of a home or office.

proextender penis enlargement device

The Pro Extender device is designed to give gentle, non-harmful, painless traction to the penis. ProExtender device sits on your penis comfortably generating user-directed tension. The continuous tension on your penis triggers cell expansion and duplication which results in penis enlargement.

penis extender system

ProExtender is the best penis extender device available in the Indian market. The product is available over the counter (OTC). A doctor’s prescription is not necessarily required to use the device. ProExtender can be used by all men of any having any penis size and age.

penis extender india

ProExtender for penis curvature straightening in Peyronie's Disease

Peyronies disease is caused by penile injury usually caused during sex or any other physical activity. The Peyronie’s condition may lead to painful erections or difficulty having sexual intercourse if the bent is significant. Due to the bend in the penis, the penis looks shorter.penis extender straightening

The Proextender device is clinically proven for the treatment of Peyronies condition(penile fibrosis). The Proextender penile traction device is found to be successful in straightening bent penis in patients with penile curvature or banana penis.

It is medically approved and proven for penis enlargement. Due to the penis enlargement process, the penis cells multiply in number. The multiplication of cells leads to an increase in penis size. The Proextender holds and enlarges penis size in a linear direction which helps in straightening the curved (crooked) penis.

Penis extender devices are considered and recommended as the first line of treatment for penis enlargement and Peyronie’s condition. The process is safe and natural. No harmful pills, tablets, creams or medications are required in conjunction with the ProExtender. The device works for all types of curvatures in the penis – left, right, upward & downward.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Proextender penis extender device works on a scientific principle of cell multiplication achieved through penis stretching. The product is approved medically & by the FDA. It is recommended by doctors and surgeons throughout the world.

Proextender helps correct penile curvature in penis and straighten bent penis which is achieved through cytokines. A study by British Journal or Urology confirms that penis extender devices help correct penile curvature and enlarge penis size.

On an average one can expect approximately 30-35% increment in length and girth in 3-4 months of regular usage as per the instruction manual.

The process of cell multiplication(growth) occurs at all ages. Hence, the extender device works for all ages.

We respect your privacy! We discreetly (privately) ship all out packages by courier throughout India. There is no mention about our company or product details like name on the packaging or shipping label.

ProExtender is a tried and tested product been in the American and European market for over 28 years. This revolutionary penis extender is now available in India. We have been successfully marketing the product in India since 2008. The Proextender has a proven track record of best results for penis enlargement and curvature straightening. Undoubtedly, Proextender is the best penis extender India.

You can wear a penile traction device for several hours each day, gradually increasing the duration and tension over time as tolerated. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure safety and effectiveness. Consistent use of the device may lead to improvements in penile length and confidence.

Our services

Technical Support (After Sales Service)

We provide technical support to all our customers, you may get in touch with our team in case you may have any queries or questions using the product after or even before purchasing the product.

Service Reliability

We at My Novelty Shop are the pioneer of penis enlargement products in India with an experience of over 8 years, hence you can be assured about the quality of the product and service reliability.

Various Payment Modes

We accept various payment modes to suit your needs. You can pay online by credit/debit card/net-banking via most secure and trusted CCAvenue servers or deposit cash/cheque into our company’s bank account or pay by COD (Cash On Delivery).

Free & Discreet Shipping

We provide free & discreet (confidential) express shipping by our logistic partners BlueDart, DTDC & India SpeedPost.


We provide one year warranty* with the ProExtender System from the date of purchase to all our customers.

Client Testimonials

"I was always conscious about my undersized penis until I found proextender. After using it for 3 months I have already gained 2 inches"
Yashvardhan Talwar
"I have wasted tens and thousands of rupees in herbal pills, medications and oils which I found absolutely useless. Luckily I came across proextender on Google search which I took a chance trying it. Guess what, I used it and am massively bigger penis than what I had imagined in a short time. I would recommend to anybody who suffers from small penis"
Shomit Benerjee
"I had a normal sized penis but was excessively bent and painful on erection. I did a lot of research and found that Proextender would straighten my curved penis. By using this simple easy to use device not only my penis has become straight but also I get much better erection"
Gurnam Singh
Tarn Taran Sahib, Punjab
"My girlfriend always made fun of my small penis. One day my friend recommended Proextender to me. Now my girlfriend does not have any complains. Within 5 months I have achieved 2.5 inches in length and looks very thick now. Thank you Proextender team"
Taufiq Khan
Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
"Mera ling chota tha 4 inches aur maine kahi hakimon ki dawaiyan istamal kiya jisse koi farak nahi pada. Mere ek American dost ne proextender ke baarein me bataya. Maine kabhi yaqeen nahi kiya ki ye kaam bhi karega. Lagataar 6 mahine istemal kia ab mera ling karib 7 inches ho gaya hai aur acha khasha mota ho gaya hai."
team 2
Harish Patel
Anand, Gujarat
"My penis was curved upwards and my doctor had suggested surgery as the last resort to rectify the curvature. Upon doing online research on British Journal I learnt Proextender is an excellent device to correct my penis problem. I purchased this device from ProexIndia and used it for 6 months and gradually my penis became straight. I am grateful to Proextender India for making this device available in India."
K. Subramaniam
Tambram, Tamil Nadu
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